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What Clients Want From A Contractor

When it comes to contractors, it’s fair to say that clients have a certain level of expectation on the service that’s delivered. And if this is not met, the relationship between client and contractor can be damaged. But what is the level of expectation a client...

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3 Common Mistakes Contractors Should Avoid When Tendering

When you tender for a client, it’s more than just making a bid on their project. Contractors should see it as an opportunity to demonstrate how they are more suitable for a project than competitors and win the job over them. An accurate and well-written tender will...

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The Benefits of Using Takeoff Software

Takeoff estimations are a key part of the construction process. However, trying to do them manually can be overwhelming and time consuming. Shuffling through papers, budgets and other documents is not fun but it’s hard to get started on any other aspect of the project...

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