A takeoff is the measurement from the plans of all the building materials. It can be for everything or just one trade.

These refer to the profit portion of your construction or building quote. Markup is the amount or % added to your costs and Margin is the amount remaining after all the costs are paid.

Yes, we have solutions for the smallest to the largest construction, building and trade businesses.

We have various rates and charges depending on your construction and building trade and the amount of detail you need.

We have a regular turnaround of between 5-7 working days but work to meet your deadlines.

Yes, we have worked with loads of businesses to calculate their rates to ensure they can make money.

Yes, send us all the details and we can prioritise this project to meet your deadline. There is an additional 25% loading for extrememly urgent project. Contact us with you project details.

We can provide as much or as little detail as you need. Overall m2 of works or list of materials to complete just tell us what you want.

Usually addendums are provided during the tender period but occasionally they come after the quote is submitted. We are more than happy to review and revise the quote . Usually these are minimal so there is no charge.

We have solutions to fit your budget. You may be surprised how cost effective we are. Can you NOT afford to outsource your estimating ? the late nights and missed deadlines cost you far more than having a professional take care of it for you.

Yes that is great, we can set up a library of your rates so we can complete your quotes for you and they will be the same as they would be if you had done it.

Yes we will prepare a formal and professional quote letter so that you impress your clients and win more jobs.

We work on large projects every day so send it to us and we will guide you through it.

Yes, we can put together a submission that will shine. Some project photos and some stories about your business will make you look and feel pro!

We have different ways depending on what sort of job you have. A lot of the time it is per m2 we count. That way if it’s a small job we only charge for what we do!

Yes we have fixed rates for the residential building quotes and m2 rates for the commercial trades.

Yes. We work with you to make sure your 100% satisfied before you send it off to your client.

We use a variety of software, we decide what is most relevant for your business in the initial setup process. As you know there are so many variables in this industry so they are all flexible so we can tailor a solution just for you.

Our estimating team is from different parts of the industry, this means we have a spread of knowledge across most trades and services. We are also flexible in what we can provide you, we can help you as much or as little so that we can tailor a solution that suits your requirements and budget.

Happy to discuss what your previous supplier provided you. We usually find that we provide a more thorough service. But can always scale back what we do to match what you are used to and you never know…we may then be cheaper!

We have a 25% surcharge on projects where you have a short lead time.

Estimating is the process of calculating the expected costs to complete a job.

A Tender usually refers to the process whereby Builders or Commercial clients invite bids for large projects that must be submitted within a finite deadline.

A Takeoff is a term used in engineering and construction and refers to a list of quantities of materials that are required to build all or part of a project.

We provide a detailed list of inclusions and exclusions combined with a marked plan highlighting everything we have included. Always happy to talk through the project so you have clarity.

For those times a phone call doesn’t cut it we use a video conference call, we can meet face to face and look at the same screen so we discuss all the finer details.

Yes, we can discuss general industry rates then compare to any costs that you know within your business. Everyones costs are different and this effects what you should charge. Some strategic questions usually gets the ball rolling.

One price does not suit all. Your overheads and material costs are different to the next guys and we explain this to anyone. We do have privacy agreements with a few clients if you want some extra comfort.

Yes, we can fix that with some scaling in the software we use.

Send them all to us, we are used to trawling through to get the relevant plans. All part of the service.

Yes, we deal with these all the time. It’s all part of the service. Send us the link and we will take it from there.

With your approval we can call the builder on your behalf, this means we get the answers fast and no Chinese whispers.

Yes. Provide us with your details and we can jump in and get anything we need for the job.

No, we can prepare your quote addressed to each builder no extra charge.

Yes, we have clients all over the country. Because we work from the plans you email us and we email you back. No problem (we have clients in Melbourne that we are yet to meet in person)

Yes, we can help all manner of contract administration , quoting and tracking variations , preparing end of month claims. Tell us what your needs are and we can tailor a solution.

Not a problem, send us them all, we will go through and find the ones relevent to your trade .

We provide fully marked up plans , a list of quantities.

Absolutely, you can contact the estimator with any questions.

We can provide average rates based on industry standards, because every location and business are different we recommend you use your own rates which we can work with you to put together.