Case Studies

Renovation (Residential)

  • Client: Private
  • Service: Budget with Detailed Estimate
  • Address: Geelong, VIC
  • Project Cost: $580,000.00

Scope: We were engaged to prepare budget with detailed estimate for an apartment renovation. The building was a full-floor penthouse apartment with a 480m2 interior floor area. The project included demolition of few existing areas, new outdoor space, a new roof over the space, a substantial woodwork package, new windows, skylights, Brodware and Astra Walker Fixtures,T&G Timber Flooring. In addition to measuring and providing quotes for these services, we also provided detailed estimates for carpentry, joinery, insulation, plastering, painting, roofing, tiling, paving, hydraulics, electrical, and mechanical services.

Result: We proposed the budget with detailed estimate in 5 business days as required by the client


Painting (Residential)

  • Client: Private
  • Service: Painting Estimate
  • Address: Glemquarie, NSW
  • Project Cost: $150,000.00

Scope: Our long-term client engaged our service to prepare detailed painting estimate for 6 – Two storey custom Townhouses. We estimated the cost of the internal painting of the walls, ceilings, and doors as well as the exterior painting of the floor sealer, line marking, walls, soffits, and eaves.

Result: Contract was awarded to our client with 2 months’ worth of work. Customer was happy with our service, and he potentially uses our service for all his projects.


Government Tender:

  • Client: Private
  • Service: Government Tender Costing
  • Address: Albert Park, VIC
  • Project Cost: $800,000

Scope: A contractor who is specialized in government tenders on commercial projects engaged us. We were asked to submit a government tender that met their extremely strict standards. We were required to visit the site and submit our proposal before the tender’s strict deadline. The project itself was a mash-up of structural and design elements with the goal of enlarging the covered area with new furniture, concrete footpath, skylights, flooring, glazed partitions, and electrical works.  We created a detailed budget report that included the structural and internal works.

Result: We submitted a competitive price that was in line with the services rendered. To everyone’s delight, the contract was given to my client based on our submission.




  • Client: Private
  • Service: Fit-Out Estimation
  • Address: Kenmore, QLD
  • Project Cost: $750,000

Scope: A new Fit-out client approached us with a very challenging project of red Cross. We are requested to submit a tender with detailed cost breakdowns for further assessment.Complete joinery package, roof structure, tile flooring, vinyl finishes, timber flooring, booth seating with reception area, MEP works are the major part of this job.

Result: The initial budget was comparitively higher, but our inhouse experts worked alongside the clients to find solutions to lower cost. Professional suggestions was provided based on previous experience withour compromising the quality of work and helped the client to win a project.



  • Client: Private
  • Service: Carpentry Estimate
  • Address: Cannington, WA
  • Project Cost: $450,000

Scope: Our long-term client came with a new carpentry job for a 8 storey residential and aged care apartment. We were requested to submit a detailed estimate of labour and materials for all Lock-up, Fixing and Fit-off carpentry works.

Result: Our client was happy with another successful tender, he made OPTIbuild a part of his team.


Construction Program – Scheduling

  • Client: Private
  • Service: Scheduling
  • Address: Munno Para West, SA
  • Project Cost: $600,000

Scope: One of our client’s approached us with his own built to assist him in create a program and to estimate his new job. In order to make the construction program easy to use, we included both a summary and an in-depth plan. We prepared a detailed take off for the client to send directly to subcontracts to get quotes and lead time and also we prepared a program using MS Project.

Result: We submitted the takeoff and program within seven business days, helped the client to fast track the purchase orders, and to complete the project on time.