Fast Quotes = More Jobs!

Why Use Us for Quotes

There are many considerations to be made when choosing to outsource your takeoffs, estimating and contract administration

You may decide to directly employ an estimator for your business, however during quiet and busy times, outsourcing can often be the most practical and cost effective solution.

Are You:

  • Better at your trade, then at generating detailed quotes & estimates?
  • More focused on your trade than creating the paperwork?
  • Snowed under working to do the paperwork?
  • Not interested in learning new quoting software?
  • Working through the night yourself to complete tenders?
  • A business with an overloaded estimating department?
  • A small business with no estimating staff in-house and no time to do it yourself?
  • Unsure of what your rates SHOULD be?
  • Supplier who wants to offer a services to your own clients but no time to do it yourself
  • A Head Contractor who needs to double-check the estimates/change orders for subcontractors?

Then We Can Help You With Your Estimates

With over 40 years’ experience in the construction and fitout industry, OptiBuild Services are ready to immediately assist you by providing on-time and precise quantity takeoff, estimating and contract admin services.

We perform quantity takeoffs of construction documents including measuring, counting and figuring quantities of any given construction item contained within the plans.

Our takeoffs are specifically tailored to each individual client, e.g., m3 of concrete or m2 of plasterboard or LM of skirting’s required.

Your takeoffs can be used for tenders/quotes, budgeting or ordering purposes.

3 Biggest Benefits of USing Us For Quotes!

Our Takeoff Service is specifically designed to help the Australian Trades Industry. We know the stress of getting that next job to maintain continuity of your cash flow. Because OptiBuild offer a variety of services , we can tailor a solution that suits you for a tiny investment that could lead to skyrocketing your turnover!

1. Reduce Overheads

We can be your Estimating department – but the BIG difference is you only pay us when you have jobs to quote! Or we can be “additional staff” when you have an overload of opportunities!

2. Faster Quotes

We can make sure you have a price ready to submit by the due date. No more “missed opportunities” because your too busy on the tools to quote.

3. More Jobs!

If you have a 50% strike rate now, imagine your turnover if you can quote double the amount of projects!

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