Fast Quotes = More Jobs!

When it comes to contractors, it’s fair to say that clients have a certain level of expectation on the service that’s delivered. And if this is not met, the relationship between client and contractor can be damaged.

But what is the level of expectation a client requires from a contractor and how can a contractor meet this? In this blog, OptiBuild discusses the 5 main factors that impact a client decision to hire you.


Be quick to respond to potential clients. This doesn’t mean responding late at night or over the weekend, it means responding promptly during work hours. Have an email template or an auto response setup so the client knows you’ve received the email, how long they can expect to hear from you and what information they can access from your website to further benefit them in the meanwhile. It’s as simple as that.

Fair pricing

Clients want to know that they’re paying a fair price for your service. It’s not uncommon for a client to ‘shop around’ for the best price, however when it comes down to it, the price must include top quality service. So, include a breakdown of pricing – transparency in business goes a long way.


Include an email signature, present quotes with a letterhead and make sure your logo is on all your paperwork. Ensure your correspondence has been edited for spelling mistakes and fundamental errors before you press send. These are simple ways to give your company a professional edge.


Hit your deadlines, don’t ask for extensions unless you have a real reason, and have open communication with your client. Clients don’t like to be let down but communicating any issues clearly will ensure their trust in you. So be respectful and provide the work on time, to a high standard.

Friendly & easy to deal with

Referrals are common practice for contractors and that’s why a friendly and polite first impression and a positive attitude can help you secure a new client. Remember, hiring a contractor can be stressful for a client, and a contractor that’s easy to deal with can help relieve some pressure for the client.

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