Fast Quotes = More Jobs!

Takeoff estimations are a key part of the construction process. However, trying to do them manually can be overwhelming and time consuming. Shuffling through papers, budgets and other documents is not fun but it’s hard to get started on any other aspect of the project If you don’t get this sorted first.

Digital takeoff software is a great solution for streamlining your estimation process. Plus, you’ll get better and more accurate results, all at a faster speed.

Here are some benefits you get from using takeoff software.

More Accurate Bids

One of the most valuable part of bids – especially to clients – is the estimates, which is dependent on how well you do your takeoffs. Your estimates will also be less susceptible to human errors like forgetting to factor in scale of the plans or miscalculations.

Takeoff software allows you to easily manage plan sheets and addenda to ensure everything is included in cost estimations. A better, more precise takeoff will help you get more profitable bids.

Competitive Edge

The tools from a takeoff software allows you to complete a bid much quicker. This gives you a chance to be the first one in and beat competitors. Plus, with a faster completion time it gives you a chance to review and proofread your bids.

Designed for Estimating

One of the major benefits of this software is that it was developed specifically to help with estimating. This means the quotes you get are more likely to be competitive within the industry, and there’s more you can do to take into account other factors that won’t work on a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Worried about investing in this software?

Some construction companies, especially smaller construction companies, might be a bit hesitant about investing in these types of software. While it allows for better efficiency with takeoffs, it might be too much effort and time for employees to learn and understand how the whole system operates.

This is where OptiBuild comes in. We use high standard digital takeoff software to help you create bids and estimations. If you’re looking to outsource estimating services in Melbourne or Brisbane — we can help you out. Whether you want us to help review your plans with our takeoff technology or get more accurate quote for a new project, our team has got you covered.

Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can improve your quotes and bids with quality digital takeoff software.