Estimating for Fitouts

Fitout Estimations

The final stage of a construction project is typically the fitout. Once the interior of a commercial space is complete, it needs to be dressed and ready for use. The majority of commercial buildings are spacious and require a sustainable amount of furnishing to fill the space, in particular multi-level workplaces.

Let’s explore a little more about fitouts and why you can benefit from using an estimator on your next project.

What is a Fitout?

As mentioned, fitouts come into the final phase of a construction project. The owner of the building, or business owner on each floor, sits down with an interior designer to discuss how the space will be furnished. The area needs to be appropriately fitted out to match the specific requirements of the space, and needs to be able to accommodate for the movement and liveability of people.

Types of fitouts include:

  • Shell and core – The first phase of a fitout. This stage covers the fundamentals of the space such as external work, cladding and structural features.
  • Category A – The next phase of a fitout. This stage includes elements such as blinds, flooring, ceilings, surface finishing’s and electrical and mechanical components.
  • Category B – The final phase of a fitout. This stage allows owners to put their personal touch into the space. It covers branding, meeting rooms, furnishings, lighting, specialised A/V equipment, kitchen appliances and any other specific features you want in your workplace.

Why Use an Estimator for A Fitout?

Sitting down with an experienced estimator allows you to fully understand the furnishing and contents you are getting and if you are receiving the best deal financially. Having an estimator on your side will also help you to better plan your fitout and help eliminate issues that may arise once the furnishings begin.

In addition, an estimator can help ensure that all architectural costs are in order and that there is complete transparency throughout the process. Doing so makes for a smooth project.

OptiBuild Services Can Assist with Your Fitout Estimations

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