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Electrical Estimating Services For your Business

At OptiBuild Services we offer a range of estimating services that you can outsource, so not to worry about paperwork and instead focus more on your trade work and delivering the best results for your customers. For projects that require electrical installations, we provide electrical estimating for all costs and quotes to ensure you are prepared before construction begins and have an accurate and clear summary of overheads and takeoffs.

Usually used for projects in the construction and manufacturing industries, electrical estimating is useful when planning budgets, and all of the potential costs involved with electrical needs including materials, labour, the length of the job and any special requirements you may request. OptiBuild Services can assist you in a range of construction cost estimations, contact us to learn more.

Why you should come to us for electrical estimating services, quotes and more

If you decide to outsource electrical estimating services, our trained estimators will be sure to work with accuracy. We make the process simple and always aim to have your estimations back within a reasonable time agreed on by both parties. You only have to pay us when you have jobs to quote, or we can operate as additional staff when your have an overload of opportunities, either way we can make sure you never miss any opportunities again. You can remain focused on trade work while we gather information for professional estimates and quotes.

We have helped many companies stay on top of their takeoffs and costs with positive feedback. There is no need for paperwork to hold you back from completing your construction work and giving your best service to your customers. Let us calculate costs and quotes and save yourself time and stress.

We can help you with all of your estimating requirements

Whether you require electrical estimating services or building takeoff and cost estimations, OptiBuild Services are your go-to company for professional and precise results. We provide services for a range of professions across the construction industry including residential builders and painters, to plasterers and tilers. Call 1300 678 428 or email your drawings to, and we will generate an estimate for you.