Different Types of Tendering

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A tender can be defined as an offer to do work or supply goods at a fixed price. The tender process is designed to ensure that the require work for a client or government body is given out to suppliers in a fair way. It gives more contractors a better chance at securing job opportunities aims to create an even playing field.

Here, we have compiled the different types of tendering for better understanding.

Open Tender

  • Open tender is the main tendering procedure for both the government and private sector
  • Allows anyone to submit a tender to supply the required goods and services
  • Offers an equal opportunity to any organisation, and creates the greatest competition among suppliers
  • Most common in engineering and construction industry

Selective Tender

  • In selective tender suppliers are only allowed to submit tender by invitation
  • The invited suppliers are usually known for their track record on projects of a certain size, nature and complexity
  • Can be especially handy for specialist or complex contracts
  • Only drawback is that it can exclude smaller contractors and those who are trying to establish themselves

Negotiated Tender

  • Negotiated tender is regularly used in the engineering and construction commencing from tendering until dispute resolutions
  • Allows contractors early involvement
  • With the contractor part of the project team, cost can be reduce and a clear line of communication can be established from start to finish

Single stage Tender

  • Single stage tendering is used when all the information necessary to calculate a realistic price is ready
  • An invitation to tender is issued to prospective suppliers, tenders are prepared, and the appropriate supplier is selected

Two-stage Tender

  • Two-stage tendering is used to allow early appointment of a supplier, prior to the completion of all the information necessary
  • In stage 1 a limited appointment is agreed upon to allow the work the start
  • In stage 2 a fixed price is negotiated for the contract

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