Fast Quotes = More Jobs!

Similar to how you might compare prices on an item across different stores, most clients ‘shop around’ to see what the industry professionals think their job will cost and how long it will take. They are comparing various contractors’ bids to ensure they are receiving the best quality and value for money to suit their project’s needs, so it helps for you to be competitive when tendering.

Of course, this isn’t always simple, and the process can often by time-consuming and stressful. In this blog, OptiBuild discusses 3 key tactics to maximise the number of clients you win at the tendering stage.

  1. Be selective

It may seem counter intuitive to decline to bid on tenders when you’re trying to win clients, but there’s no point in wasting time, money, and effort on a job you don’t genuinely think you can win. This is especially true if your business is swamped with multiple invitations to tender, which makes it harder to focus and dedicate proper attention to detail to any individual job.

Review each tender in detail and consider whether you have any experience in similar projects. If you have none or very little, there’s a good chance that someone else the client has approached does, and they’re far more likely to get the job over you based on this. Your business has its own strengths and experiences however, andturning down a project that isn’t suitable for you leaves room to take on jobs that both you and your clients will find simpler to manage.

  1. Quote a reasonable amount

It goes without saying but quoting too little or too much never ends well for the contractor. Quote too little and you won’t so much ‘win’ the project as be burdened with a job that isn’t bringing in money. Quote too much and you won’t win the job after wasting valuable time and effort on tendering and bid writing. To streamline the tendering process and get accurate quotes, enquire about OptiBuild’s detailed cost estimation services.

  1. Ask why you didn’t win

If you are unsuccessful during the tendering process, remember that you’re allowed to ask for feedback. This can be a valuable insight into where you stand in terms of your competitors and how you can improve your tenders in the future. Perhaps the bid was not written to a high enough standard for the client’s taste, which could be solved completely by hiring a professional bid writer. Perhaps a rate was calculated incorrectly, which could be solved via cost estimating software or services like OptiBuild.

If you need construction cost estimation services in Australia, OptiBuild is here to help. Contact us online or call 1300 678 428 and let us provide you with an estimate to simplify your tendering process.