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Tips to Ensure Your Construction Project’s Functionality

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When you are planning a construction project, there are many steps you need to follow. To help set you up with a higher chance of success, we have compiled a list of some of the most important tips to ensure your project’s functionality.

Keep Track of Project Resources

  • Create a foundation for all your project resources and store all of that information in the one place to help anticipate unexpected costs
  • Keep track of skilled labour, all equipment, materials, time and costs involved in securing permits and inspections, site utilities, office space rent, office supplies
  • Ensure all on-site and remote team members can access the system so all resources are covered

Create Individual and Project Schedules

  • Establish a schedule that accounts for individual targets and overall project targets
  • Ensure everyone involved has a copy and understands the project schedule
  • Ensure that all individuals are across their schedules, and those of relevant workers
  • Always allow wiggle room for unexpected delays in materials, interruptions thanks to bad weather or decreased worker density

Establish Good Communication and Team Management

  • Establish a chain of command and team management structure from the onset
  • Engage with your team in a pre-build meet, virtual or in-person
  • Smooth out potential areas of confusion or conflict by creating an open line of communication
  • As each project is always unique, when communicating information and expectations always be specific to the project at hand

Review Design and Construction Plans

  • Get your team of designers, architects, consultants, engineers and foremen to examine the designs and plans to ensure there are no errors, missed information or any other reason why the project cannot go ahead
  • It’s also wise to invest in a third-party professional to review the plans as well
  • A second set of eyes can prevent late-stage change orders, delays and costly overruns that prevent your project from being successful

Monitor Ongoing Performance

  • Measure, track and report everything that happens during your project for evidence of performance
  • Doing so will help you see if individual and project targets are being reached, what productivity levels are, what work quality is and where there are areas of inefficiencies or problems
  • Having real-time data to analyse helps keep everyone involved – from stakeholders to labourers – aware of progress being made

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